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Med Supply Lab was founded to simplify the clinical supply purchasing & medical waste management processes. Our established solutions keep medical supply chain waste from going into landfills. 

We take pride in our company’s integrity, aligning our business processes and employee moral values with applicable ethical guidelines. This has enabled us to win and retain clients and preferred business partners, but also attract the right professionals as our employees. It has also helped us in establishing business relationships that are based on trust, transparent honesty, and reliability.

Our success also pivots around the fact we manufacture our own products, rather than relying on third party manufacturers. This allows for high efficiency, reduced delays in delivery and quality control. It is no surprise that we’ve managed to secure our CR Packaging certificate that not many other related companies have. 

The dedication of our team succeeds in delivering in the most difficult of times. Where others experience backorders of products during emergency situations, we rise to the challenge through focus and consistency by ensuring clinical supplies are always in stock and ready for delivery. 

Our continuous growth is the result of the trust our clients have placed in us because a client in need is our priority indeed. 

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Medical Waste Management

Efficient and eco-friendly disposal of medical waste is a must in the age of climate change. According to the World Health Organization, hazardous waste contributes to 15% of healthcare related waste. Hazardous waste is any waste with properties that make it potentially dangerous or harmful to human health or the environment. The strict regulations in governing the collection, transport and disposal of biohazardous waste management are there to ensure the proper handling of infectious materials. The responsibility of the generator of waste from disposal through to final treatment is usually referred to as “cradle to grave” and, according to US law, it is the responsibility of the generator to take care of it. Because of the delicate nature of the biohazardous, choosing the right waste management partner is imperative, a partner that has full responsibility for bins, transport and treatment. Unlike many other waste management companies, our partner has the operational finesse, licensing and compliance expertise to protect the safety risk and regulatory responsibilities of healthcare facilities and manages everything from supply of bins, to pick up, manifesting and treatment.

Our Value Proposition

Best Prices

Compare prices across all retailers, because we are confident you will come back to us. 

By controlling all our supply chain, we’ve managed to offer by far the best prices in the industry based on the amount of volume our customers’ purchase. This has given us the advantage of controlling and absorbing market fluctuations better than other competitors. Our prices have remained steady even with the shortages in raw materials due to the pandemic. Fulfilling the needs and desires of our clients is our main focus, that’s why we always go beyond expectations.

Med Supply Lab
Med Supply Lab

Unmatched Service

Next-level customer service designed to help you make the right decision on your purchases. 

By always having our clients top of mind, we always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are getting what they need, when they need it. We don’t sacrifice the quality of our customer service in exchange for a great price. Maintaining the trust of our clients is harder than winning it, so we don’t plan to lose it.

Sustainable medical waste management

Dedicated to managing and disposing of healthcare waste in a sustainable and effective manner. Our services are available nationwide, even in remote areas, where we use third party services to pick up the waste to bring to our facility. We have partnered with one of the largest companies that provides pick-up and disposable services for medical and pharma bio-hazard materials and waste. 

Our modern approach to medical waste management focuses on minimizing the ecological impact through modern technology, reusable products and recycling initiatives, and solutions that minimize landfill, manufacturing excess and CO2 emissions all at low cost.