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Try our customized on-demand ordering portal for an easy ordering experience and bottle up.

Dosing Supplies

Choose from different types of dosing supplies. Combine them with a wide range of features.


With our take-home bottle labels, you can organize and label any bottle to your liking in advance.


Add additional accessories to your purchase such as: alcohol wipes, bottle dispensers, and induction sealing machines.

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Med Supply Lab
Med Supply Lab

About Us

Med Supply Lab was founded to simplify the clinical supply purchasing & medical waste management processes. Our established solutions keep medical supply chain waste from going into landfills. 

We take pride in our company’s integrity, aligning our business processes and employee moral values with applicable ethical guidelines. This has enabled us to win and retain clients and preferred business partners, but also attract the right professionals as our employees. It has also helped us in establishing business relationships that are based on trust, transparent honesty, and reliability.

Our success also pivots around the fact we manufacture our own products, rather than relying on third party manufacturers. This allows for high efficiency, reduced delays in delivery and quality control. It is no surprise that we’ve managed to secure our CR Packaging certificate that not many other related companies have. 

The dedication of our team succeeds in delivering in the most difficult of times. Where others experience backorders of products during emergency situations, we rise to the challenge through focus and consistency by ensuring clinical supplies are always in stock and ready for delivery. 

Our continuous growth is the result of the trust our clients have placed in us because a client in need is our priority indeed. 

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