Why Opioid Packaging Matters

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Since 1990, the opioid crisis has only been worsening, with more overdose deaths recorded in 2020 than ever before. As a means to mitigate unnecessary exposure and the negative impacts on at-risk individuals, the Food and Drug Administration released a statement in 2019 regulating certain packaging features. These regulations include labeling changes to inform treatment […]

How Advanced Recycling Increases Sustainability and Performance – Part 2-


Continues from Part 1: A major difference between traditional and advanced recycling is the quality of plastic outputs that result from the procedure. Advanced recycling produces a virgin quality, high-performing grade plastic that’s more efficiently poised to meet FDA approval standards than a traditionally recycled material. Additionally, the advanced technologies of chemical recycling make it […]

How Advanced Recycling Increases Sustainability and Performance -Part 1-

Recycling Plastics

The United States currently recycles approximately 9% of plastics. This number seems jarring, particularly when compared with the amount of paper recycled nationally, which measures closer to 65%. The issue can largely be attributed to the nature of plastic itself — or, rather, plastics themselves. With thousands of different kinds of plastic in circulation, one […]

Pharmaceutical Packaging and its role in the opioid epidemic

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Medication packaging is a delicate business. Not only does it need to be handled with care, but it’s also imperative to keep it safe and away from children or vulnerable people. The type of packaging each medicine needs is selected based on the type, form, product quantity, and how the medicine is dispensed while keeping […]