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Med Supply Lab taking action to sustainable medical waste management

It is no surprise that the medical industry is producing increasingly more waste each year, as is the world in most of the other industries. With the rise of waste, the way we dispose of medical waste requires periodic careful consideration and improvement to avoid dire health consequences that usually come from malpractice, like improper handling of infectious agents and toxic substances, which, according to the World Health Organization, consist of ‘15% of the hazardous material that may be infectious, toxic or radioactive.”

Modern approaches to sustainable medical waste management are the way forward, not only in terms of safety, infection control, cleanliness, and cross-contamination risk aversion but also because they take into consideration the impact on costs, efficiencies or cross-contamination. 

In the past, through a more traditional approach, waste management would start at the loading dock, whereas now, they begin inside the four walls of healthcare facilities and medical suppliers. They achieve this by installing hands-free containers that lead the industry in cleanliness, safety and security, comprehensive waste segregation and education programs that drive results, intelligent mapping of waste movement, disposal practices and labor efficiencies, and integrated solutions for all healthcare waste streams that protect frontline clinical staff. 

Because of the rigorous regulations that govern the collection, transport and disposal of biohazardous waste management, and its hazardous infectious nature, choosing a waste management partner that has full responsibility for bins, transport and treatment is crucial!

We have partnered with one of the largest companies that provides pick-up and disposable services for medical and pharma bio-hazard materials and waste. Not only do they utilize the modern approach to medical waste management, they also minimize the ecological impact through modern technology, reusable products and recycling initiatives, and solutions that minimize landfill, manufacturing excess and CO2 emissions all at low cost. 

Our services are available nationwide, even in remote areas, where we use third-party services to pick up the waste to bring to our facility. Our record shows that our services have been available even in the most difficulties of times, such as during the ongoing pandemic. Our dedication is to be at the forefront of solution providers in an era that is pushing the current waste disposal system through hard times. By having top of mind the needs and safety of our clients, and the efficient and ecological disposal of medical waste, we are a success story, and we intend to keep it like that.